Project Advisor Application Form


About Conjunct Consulting 

Conjunct aims to build the capacity of social sector organisations. A core part of our mission is developing socially-conscious leaders. Over the past six years, we've worked with over 100 nonprofit organisations and have trained and deployed over 2,000 volunteers. 


Project Advisor


The Project Advisor (PA) is an integral part of Conjunct Consulting’s student consulting projects, based out of three universities in Singapore: Singapore Management University (SMU), National University Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). PAs provide guidance, support project quality and are an invaluable source of knowledge and coaching. In the project team, there are two PAs (Lead PA and Deputy PA) and five student consultants including one Project Leader. As PAs, you will work regularly with them to frame issues, guide analyses, as well as provide feedback on presentations and other deliverables. By giving project specific support and helping the team attain professional standards, you will be providing our social sector partner organisations with the strategic recommendations needed for them to maximize their social impact.

An ideal PA is a working professional with experience in finance, management consulting, marketing, project management, strategy and/or working with non-profit areas of focus. As a Project Advisor, you can look forward to using your insights and experience to make a lasting impact on Singapore's social sector, one non-profit organisation at a time. This also provides you with the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the social sector, to inspire students and engage with other socially aware professionals through Conjunct Consulting events.


Time Commitment


  • Each consulting project cycle is 14 weeks long (consisting of 4 weeks of preparation and 10 weeks of engagement)
  • During these 14 weeks, PAs should expect to spend on average 5-7 hours per week, by attending team meetings in-person and problem solving with the team via email/ skype. 


Key Project Milestones

  1. 21st July 2018 - Project Handover
  2. 4th Aug 2018 - Scope Review
  3. 18th Aug 2018 - Project Engagement Launch
  4. 15th Sept 2018 - Internal Midpoint Review
  5. 17th - 23rd Sept 2018 - External Midpoint Review (TBC)
  6. 20th Oct 2018 - Internal Endpoint Review 
  7. 22nd - 28th Oct 2018 - External Endpoint Review (TBC)

To be selected as a PA's, you must be available to attend at least 5 of these project milestones. They typically only take about 2 hours but it means PAs must be in Singapore for at least 5 of these dates.


Duties & Responsibilities


Below lists the collective responsibilities of Project Advisors:

  1. Engage with Project Leader to provide guidance during the project scoping process
  2. Equip Project Leader with team management and project management skills
  3. Work with the project team to ensure that the project progresses as per defined timeline
  4. Facilitate insight generation process, through mentorship of all team members to ensure development of quality deliverables to the client
  5. Ensure the project team adheres to the project scope and adjust the scope if necessary as the project progresses
  6. Attend project meetings with the client when necessary
  7. Ensure students receive advice and assistance consistently throughout the duration of the project
  8. Uphold Conjunct Consulting's values both in interacting with both the project team and the client 


The Lead PA's main role is to advise on project scoping, framing of issues, and guiding of the team in delivering high quality output.

The Deputy PA's main role is to mentor the team, equip them with necessary project management skills, and assist Lead PA in driving high quality output. 


Desired Qualities


  • Passionate: Embodies Conjunct's passion for social impact and our communities
  • Collaborative: Serves the team through initiative, mentorship and communication
  • Impact-Focused: Understands the need to be pragmatic and deliver results for client
  • Professional Experience: Has at least 2 years of work experience


 Please complete your application by 20 June. Interviews for this role begin week of 25 June.