Job Description & Application Form:  Business Development Manager

About Conjunct Consulting - what we do

Conjunct Consulting is a non-profit social organisation and a registered charity. The primary focus of Conjunct Consulting is to build the capabilities of non-profit organisations and social enterprises. We do this by offering low cost - high quality consulting projects to our social good partners, working with them to build internal capabilities which enables them to serve their beneficiaries better.

Our Conjunct Uni projects are delivered by volunteers: students from our three chapters - SMU, NTU & NUS, who are mentored by industry specialists (Project Advisors). These are available Jan - March and Aug - Oct every year.

Our Conjunct Pro projects are delivered by low-bono experienced contractors who have a passion to give back. Projects are available all year round.

Over the last 8 years, we have worked with over 140 Social Good Organisations in the region, successfully delivering more than 200 projects. We hope to scale both our project offerings and client base moving into the future.

Job Description

The Business Development (BD) Manager is responsible for driving Conjunct’s business and increasing revenue, identifying and developing new business opportunities, building and expanding the presence of Conjunct and its services.

The BD Manager will work closely with Conjunct staff and volunteers to grow Conjunct as a leading provider of high impact capacity building projects to the social good sector –through consulting, thought leadership, events etc.

S/He will lead sales and client relationship management to (1) source for and identify new leads, (2) pitch consulting services of Conjunct, (3) scope out and identify key problem areas with the partner organisations and (4) secure deals and foster long-term fruitful relationships with partners. S/He will write effective project proposals and follow up on project leads to ensure the targets are met.

S/He will take on marketing duties to generate leads by (1) maintaining social media accounts, (2) planning and overseeing marketing initiatives, (3) preparing relevant marketing collaterals and (4) attending conferences and industry events.

Requirements – Essential

  • Excellent client and relationship management skills
  • Excellent written and communications skills
  • Excellent time management and organisation
  • Strong IT skills including fluency in Word, Power Point and Excel
  • Ability to handle pressure, prioritise obligations and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative and solve tough problems

Desired Qualities

  • Impact-Focused: Understands the need to be pragmatic and deliver results for the social good partner
  • Collaborative: Serves the team through fantastic organisational skills, initiative and communication
  • Passionate: Embodies Conjunct’s passion for social impact and our community.

Time Commitment

  • Part-time Role (25-hour work week)


  • Onboarding provided
  • Flexible scheduling and hours
  • Option to work from home and/or remotely
  • Performance bonus